Kunstraum AVUS | Dreieck Funkturm, 2010


Kunstraum  AVUS - Dreieck Funkturm
Videostill - Mikel Arístegui in Traffic Belcanto 501

TRAFFIC BELCANTO 501 - 8-channel sound installation and video

Site: Round tower of the AVUS Motel service area, room 501 (former referee tower of the AVUS motor races).

Sound collages audible from 8 invisibly distributed speakers in the room, combining sounds from the AVUS environment with fragmentary scenes of loud, chaotic traffic movements from other metropolitan areas around the world. The motel room became a place of memory and transformation. Rumpled beds, rubbish left behind, an overturned ashtray are traces that, trigger - together with the sculptural pulsating sounds - a kind of "memory jam" in the space. The visitors are confronted with unconventional temporal-spatial shifts and superimpositions of apparently contradictory places and incidents and thus observe a fictitious event: The fugitive's path out of the motel room, out into the car park, past the service station, over a motorway bridge onto a saving traffic island, which those pedestrians who take up the footpath into the ICC multi-storey car park are forced to enter.

In collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Mikel Arístegui, Claudia Brieske visually linked these auditory impulses with gestures of compression, dissolution, standstill and movement in a video. With the end of the film, the visitors were invited to also walk into the ICC multi-storey car park, where he continued his performance "Movements 1 and 2" as a live performance.